Photographie d'André Thoraval
André Thoraval is a French photographer. He lives in Paris and works all over France. He started his career as an assistant photographer in some fashion and painting studios in Paris in the 90s. Throughout his work, his eye has focused on space and light, so the compositions in an uncluttered and aesthetic style have become his favorites.

His research on shapes and materials made him turn to interior architecture and lead him to a productive work in close cooperation with some famous Parisian decoration agencies. He has been commissioned by new Parisian cafés, beauty shops, and also some public or private spaces with specific design.

He has also covered the ready-to-wear fashion shows in Paris, he has regularly taken part to inaugurations, conventions, company portraits, brand names advertising coverage…( KFC France, Fagor Brandt , Ageas France , Tata…) His reports contribute to building up a great brand image for any business company using them on different communication supports ( written press, web, brochures…)
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